Thursday, October 1, 2009

Orlandia Samples

For anyone too lazy to go over to my Orlandia site I'm going to post some snippets here and see if I can get some feedback. I hate feeling like I am operating in a vacuum and love getting feedback (even if its nothing more than "man that sucks" lol). So without further ado, here's my Actions Cleanup for Castles & Crusades rules.

Actions Types

In a combat, characters can perform a wide variety of actions. Actions are categorized into four basic types, Free, Simple, Normal, and Extended.
In a single round you may:
  • Use one Extended Action and 1-2 Free Actions (but not Simple Actions).
  • Use one Normal Action and one Simple Action and 1-2 Free Actions.
You can not perform two Simple Actions by trading a Normal Action for a Simple Action.


  • The GM will determine if what you want to do makes more sense as a Free or a Simple Action, though common things such as speaking, or drawing a weapon, would usually be considered Free Actions. This is purposely vague as circumstances may cause a normally Free Action to become a Simple Action, or vice versa.
  • You can usually use Free Actions even when it is not your turn, within reason.


  • Cast a cantrip or orison spell.
  • Move half your normal movement.
  • Pick up, put down, give, take objects (assuming no resistance).


  • Move your normal movement.
  • Make a Normal Attack (or perform a Normal Combat Maneuver).
  • Use most Class Abilities.


  • Cast a 1st-9th level spell. Note that some spells may use lesser actions. Those will be stated in each spells description. Also, when a spellcaster is able to cast 4th level spells, 1st level spells are reduced to only needing Normal Actions to cast. From that point forward, spells of 3 levels or more below the casters highest castable level are reduced to Normal Actions (unless stated otherwise of course).
  • Make an Extended Attack (or perform an Extended Combat Maneuver).
  • Move more than your normal movement. You can move up to four times your normal movement but you suffer an Armor Class penalty against melee attacks (but a bonus against ranged attacks) depending on how much you move. You can not move more than twice your normal movement in any sort of rough, difficult, or hampered terrain, or when your visibility is limited (in an area of fog, or you are blind, etc).

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