Friday, October 9, 2009 Update

News of the Week

New Collaborators
We added three new collaborators this week and they each seem to be taking off very well. Welcome Cindy Hawkins, Jonathan Yeung, and Richard Hunt.

Site Updates:

Tim Shadow (ShadowChemosh on Paizo) has been diligently updating the FAQ page even though we have to work around the annoying archiving system on the Paizo boards. Paizo automatically archives old posts and threads after 60 days and then just plain deletes threads and posts after a point. We had made a point of citing the original post from Paizo people where they answered an FAQ-type question but these links frequently break. At this point we're probably going to give up on citing the source with a link and just site who said it. This was, afterall, Tim's original plan since he was aware of the archiving problem before I was.

Link Patrol
We have been diligently fixing broken links or links that point to the PRD when they should point internally. All of the Basic Classes and major "portal" pages (combat, spell lists, etc) should be good but please do report on the messageboards if you run into anything that isn't working quite right.

We've also (well mostly Jonathan and Richard) have been adding new links to places where they didn't exist before, such as linking keywords in feats and spells. This is going to be a long process but at least they've gotten started. These things are not linked at all in the official PRD.

Collaborator Notes and Guidelines
I finally created a Collaborator Notes and Guidelines page with some tips and requests for new collaborators. Previously I was basically typing all of that to each new collaborator in an email each time we got a new one. You'd think I would have learned well before we hit 40 collaborators to maybe just make a page and point people to it but no, I'm slow sometimes.

Misc. Cleanup
I've been cleaning up pages as I come across them. For example, previously we used embedded google spreadsheets for various tabular data but now I am moving away from those towards just standard html tables. This was discussed a lot early on and I wanted to take advantage of some of the cool features of the embedded google spreadsheets but its just turning into more of a pain than its worth. I'll revisit the idea sometime in the future.

There's a ton more little updates but nothing substantially interesting so I'll leave it there!

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  1. I don't play Pathfinder but I have used the site to look things up. Very nice.