Wednesday, November 25, 2009 Updates and General Pathfinder Ramblings
The site is up to 71 collaborators plus myself now. A few collaborators are contributing vastly more than others, which I suppose is to be expected.

Of particular note is McCaul Bagget. This guy is a machine. He has probably spent almost as much time on the site now as I have. Everytime I look he's online fixing one thing or another. Great work McCaul.

Other collaborators of note:

Shadow Lord - The General FAQ and APG Playtest FAQ's are getting a ton of hits and Tim is doing a bang-up job compiling the various rulings and decisions made by the Paizo folks. Great work Tim!

Treantmonk's (honkalac) Guides - These are new additions and seem to be very popular on the Paizo boards. Lot's of people like reading about the best way to make the best spellcasters. Great new addition to the site Treantmonk!

Hailey Martin - Haily is methodically working to convert all of the monsters from the various Adventure Path's pre-PFRPG and her work is quite popular. This is a very happening section of the site at least according to Google Analytics. Lot's of people are linking to these pages and using them in their games it looks like. Great work Haily!

rixius - Rixius is a new recruit and one with some developer/programmer background. He's already demonstrating great value by providing me a Greasemonkey script for Firefox that really helps when editing the site. He has a second version of the Greasemonkey script forthcoming that will help even further by automatically highlighting links that need to be changed. Great ideas and great time-savers. Its good to see there are some folks who can think on their feet and be proactive when it comes to these sorts of things :)

General Information regarding the site
We are still actively testing a tool provided by Google to automatically export and import the site so that we can do site-wide link changes via script. So far the tool has been too scary to use on the real site so we've been testing it on a backup/testing version of the site. Its still too buggy to risk on the main site though unfortunately.

Rant Time
So in this thread James Jacobs reveals that a very major change was done to the summon spells via how the celestial and fiendish templates work. At first he stated the change was intentional until various people remarked how much that totally ganked how things work. The next response was "well you should rule however you think makes sense". I had to exercise a great deal of self-control in my response because I really wanted to go off (which I'm still doing here). It's this sort of thing that just shows that certain changes needed to be thought out a bit more (or playtested?) before getting into the big 500+ page book. Just sayin...

There are many examples of this sort of system change that really should have been discussed and/or tested more. However, it is what it is. I'm hoping an errata will clean a bunch of this crap up.

I guess that's all for now.

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