Tuesday, July 13, 2010

d20pfsrd.com up for Ennie for BEST WEBSITE for 2010!

Hey Everyone!

As most of you know, Gencon is in the very near future and voting for the Ennies opens this Friday, July 16th.

For the first time ever, www.d20pfsrd.com (The Pathfinder SRD for those unfamiliar) is nominated for Best Website. The competition is extremely stiff as we are up against some extremely worthy competitors, ESPECIALLY the Pathfinder Wiki!

I will be attending my first Gencon EVER this year and am absolutely DELIGHTED to even be going, let alone be nominated for an award. It would be insanely cool and probably make my head explode if d20pfsrd.com took home an actual award recognizing the hundreds and thousands of man hours put into it thus far.

Anyway, I REALLY want d20pfsrd.com to win! If we were to do that we'd get a ton more collaborators and we could do even more amazing and cool stuff with the site. I have so many ideas but can only tackle so much of what I want to do. If we had some more folks I think some really neat things could start showing up!

Anyway, this is just me trying to drum up support wherever I can think of it!  I hope you think on us fondly when you are casting your vote once voting opens on Friday!

Talk to you later!


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